One hot summer for Vespa

Parliament Hill OttawaIf you live in the capital of Canada, you know how some summer days can be hot! I love being able to drive around with my Vespa, especially on Sunday…ahh those Sunday rides! The capital is such a beautiful place to see but when you live somewhere we always think its more beautiful elsewhere! So this summer, I decided to finally visit all the great places there is in Ottawa and learn more about my own city. The Parliament Hill – there’s yoga classes each Wednesday on the hill -, the museums, the festivals, Bluesfest, etc.

Recently, it has been very hot to drive around with my Vespa, but I love it. I can’t complain since its so cold for 8 months of the years and only really hot for 2. Last weekend, the sun was so hot. When I parked my Vespa in my driveway, I came back a couple hours later and to my surprise, the stand literally made a hole in my asphalt! I heard it could happened, but you know, we always think it won’t happen to us and only to others,  I was a fool to think so. Since the whole was pretty significant, I decided to get it repaired as quickly as possible. A gentleman from came the same week, fixed it and sealed my driveway. I’m glad I got it done. Now, on the hot days, I use a wood platform under my stand. This is a great tip I learned from experience!

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The Vespa in the 21st Century

The Vespa scooters weren’t born yesterday. I find their stories so fascinating to learn. To finish what I started, here is the history of the Vespa scooter up until today!


  • Vespa 50 Special Revival – This model was one of the most popular in the sixties. Piaggio decides to replicate it with a fresher look to respond to the high demand.


  • Vespa ET2/ET4 – We’re talking about a new level of comfort now!


  • Vespa Ferrari Et4 150 – This model was an homage to the Ferrari team. They won the Formula 1 World Championship in 2000. The same material used in the Ferrari was used to produce this great looking Vespa.


  • Vespa Trafeli – You can find this one at the Museum Piaggio!


  • Vespa Lx – A small body in a modern style to replace the beautiful Vespa ET.
  • Vespa GTS 250 IE – The fastest, most powerful and most high-tech Vespa till this day. Best feature: double discs braking system.

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The story continues

Okay, so you’re wondering what happened to the model of the Vespa in the 60’s? There was a lot of interesting models in the 60’s and up as well. Here is a short description. Let me know if you want to know more about a specific model and I’ll be happy to share more details!


  •  Vespa 150 (VBA) – Still made in the typical metallic blue, this scooter was very popular since it was produced during the Olympic Games in Rome.


  • Vespa Dalì – This model was very used because you could sit two persons on it!


  • Vespa 50 – The last scooter to be designed by Corradino D’Ascanio.


  • Vespa 90 Super Sprint – You have to that a look at images of this Vespa. It was the most originally designed by Vespa, I agree!


  • Vespa Alpha – Have you seen the movie “Dick Smart, Agent 2007”? If so you have seen this incredible model. Not only being able to run on the road, this model was able to fly and go under water!
  • Vespa 125 Primavera – The biggest success in the 60’s, designed for the teenagers, also made for two passengers. Slogan: “With a Vespa you can be”.


  • Vespa 180 Rally – Since the Vespa Super Sport 180 was such a big success, Piaggio decided to develop a newer model with a powerful engine.

In the seventies…

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What you need to know about Vespa

Vespa scooter Vespa Scooter have reached their seventhy years of history! It’s right, the first one hit the market in 1946! I wish i could collect all of then since then! Thank you Enrico Piaggio for your creation!

The fist one was called the “Vespa 98”. Back in 1946, this was a cool way of transportation around town. It was a big success, everyone loved it! The other Vespa in the 40’s and 50’s were:



  • Vespa 98 Corsa Circuito – This one was built for competitive races. This small scooter was strong!
  • Vespa 98 II Serie – The post-war roads were very bad, so this scooter was made with a spare tire, just in case!


  • Vespa 125 Corsa “Alloy Frame” – Built with aluminum, made this scooter one of the most advanced of his time.
  • Vespa 125 – This one was special enough to be featured in the Piaggio Museum, hope one day I can go visit it!
  • Vespa Circuito 125 – Want to know why this one was featured in so many races?…because back them, racing was the best way to advertise!


  • Vespa Montlhery – This one had more of a sporty look


  • Vespa Siluro (Torpedo) – This scooter broke the biggest record up to this day with an average speed of 171.1km/h!
  • Vespa 125 – This beautiful model was popular in the cinema and in the movie “Roman Holiday”. If you haven’t seen in yet, its time!
  • Vespa 125 “Six Days” – This model won many gold medals and the trophy of the Italian Motorcycle Federation!


  • Vespa 125 U – Collectors were seeking this model since only 7,000 copies were produced.

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Welcome to my website!

Hey guys! I’d like to welcome you to my new website Vespa Wallpapers! I am Emily and as you can think, yes I am a huge lover of Vespa Scooters! I’m here to tell you my story and share some tips and tricks with you. You can learn more about my story here.Vespa Scooter

When I was a kid in the 80’s, I saw the movie “Roman Holiday” made in the 50’s. Even to this day, its probably the most famous movie featuring a vintage Vespa scooter. It is a big classic, and if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it on Netflix, its  must! Later on, there was the British movie “Quadrophenia” in 1979 that featured the awesome Vespa. Also, when I was about 10 years old I remember watching the movie “Caro Diaro (Dear Diary)” where Moretti travels on his Vespa around Rome. At that point, I knew I wanted a Vespa when I grew up and was going to work hard to buy one for myself.

There is thousand of movies that Vespa scooter appeared in, and of course I haven’t watch all of them yet but when I want to find a new movie to watch, I’ll do some research and find a movie that features a Vespa!

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