One hot summer for Vespa

Parliament Hill OttawaIf you live in the capital of Canada, you know how some summer days can be hot! I love being able to drive around with my Vespa, especially on Sunday…ahh those Sunday rides! The capital is such a beautiful place to see but when you live somewhere we always think its more beautiful elsewhere! So this summer, I decided to finally visit all the great places there is in Ottawa and learn more about my own city. The Parliament Hill – there’s yoga classes each Wednesday on the hill -, the museums, the festivals, Bluesfest, etc.

Recently, it has been very hot to drive around with my Vespa, but I love it. I can’t complain since its so cold for 8 months of the years and only really hot for 2. Last weekend, the sun was so hot. When I parked my Vespa in my driveway, I came back a couple hours later and to my surprise, the stand literally made a hole in my asphalt! I heard it could happened, but you know, we always think it won’t happen to us and only to others,  I was a fool to think so. Since the whole was pretty significant, I decided to get it repaired as quickly as possible. A gentleman from came the same week, fixed it and sealed my driveway. I’m glad I got it done. Now, on the hot days, I use a wood platform under my stand. This is a great tip I learned from experience!

If you live in a big city, having a Vespa will definitely save you a lot of time, money on gas and insurance, plus its a lot more fun than driving a car, isn’t it? Me and my best friend have one and we couldn’t live without it! Hit me up, I want to know your Vespa stories!

Vespa Love,