The story continues

Okay, so you’re wondering what happened to the model of the Vespa in the 60’s? There was a lot of interesting models in the 60’s and up as well. Here is a short description. Let me know if you want to know more about a specific model and I’ll be happy to share more details!


  •  Vespa 150 (VBA) – Still made in the typical metallic blue, this scooter was very popular since it was produced during the Olympic Games in Rome.


  • Vespa Dalì – This model was very used because you could sit two persons on it!


  • Vespa 50 – The last scooter to be designed by Corradino D’Ascanio.


  • Vespa 90 Super Sprint – You have to that a look at images of this Vespa. It was the most originally designed by Vespa, I agree!


  • Vespa Alpha – Have you seen the movie “Dick Smart, Agent 2007”? If so you have seen this incredible model. Not only being able to run on the road, this model was able to fly and go under water!
  • Vespa 125 Primavera – The biggest success in the 60’s, designed for the teenagers, also made for two passengers. Slogan: “With a Vespa you can be”.


  • Vespa 180 Rally – Since the Vespa Super Sport 180 was such a big success, Piaggio decided to develop a newer model with a powerful engine.

In the seventies…


  • Vespa 50 with pedals – France with new regulations, Piaggio adapted his Vespa model with pedals.


  • Vespa 50 Special – With many cosmetics changes, this model was developed for the young generation.


  • Vespa 125 ET3 – Being sold in Japan until the mid-nineties, this model was popular for exportation.
  • Vespa Primevera ET3 – 144,000 units of this model was made! The young ones loved it.
  • Vespa Rally 200 – Around 41 K of this one was produced between 1972 and 1979.


  • Giant Vespa – His name says it all. This model was big but looked so cool with the urban graffiti designed by Stefano Tonelli.


  • Vespa 100 Sport – This model was designed for the American market.
  • Vespa P125X – The young market loved this Vespa P125X for the square lines and the speedometer on the handle bar.

What about the 80’s?…


  • Vespa 50 s  – Vespa was in demand in many countries, this model was perfectly designed to respond to the popular demand.
  • Vespa 125 T5 Pole Position – Love the digital tachometer on this one! Piaggio was facing though competition from Japan so he had to step it up! He sure did!

The 80’s was sure more quiet. In my next post I will share the rest of the story of Vespa Scooter  until this day!

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