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Hey guys! I’d like to welcome you to my new website Vespa Wallpapers! I am Emily and as you can think, yes I am a huge lover of Vespa Scooters! I’m here to tell you my story and share some tips and tricks with you. You can learn more about my story here.Vespa Scooter

When I was a kid in the 80’s, I saw the movie “Roman Holiday” made in the 50’s. Even to this day, its probably the most famous movie featuring a vintage Vespa scooter. It is a big classic, and if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it on Netflix, its ┬ámust! Later on, there was the British movie “Quadrophenia” in 1979 that featured the awesome Vespa. Also, when I was about 10 years old I remember watching the movie “Caro Diaro (Dear Diary)” where Moretti travels on his Vespa around Rome. At that point, I knew I wanted a Vespa when I grew up and was going to work hard to buy one for myself.

There is thousand of movies that Vespa scooter appeared in, and of course I haven’t watch all of them yet but when I want to find a new movie to watch, I’ll do some research and find a movie that features a Vespa!

Before being able to buy my own Vespa, I collected so many beautiful wallpapers of them. I would cut pictures out of magazine, order wallpapers online, my friends would give some as a gift for my birthday. I collected so many beautiful images of all the different Vespa. Follow my posts because I will post images of Vespa’s everyday! I hope to make you fall in love with them as much as me.

Stay alert for my post tomorrow, I will continu my story on Vespa scooters. But for now, if you’d like more information on the Vespa scooter, you can find so on their website here.



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