What you need to know about Vespa

Vespa scooter Vespa Scooter have reached their seventhy years of history! It’s right, the first one hit the market in 1946! I wish i could collect all of then since then! Thank you Enrico Piaggio for your creation!

The fist one was called the “Vespa 98”. Back in 1946, this was a cool way of transportation around town. It was a big success, everyone loved it! The other Vespa in the 40’s and 50’s were:



  • Vespa 98 Corsa Circuito – This one was built for competitive races. This small scooter was strong!
  • Vespa 98 II Serie – The post-war roads were very bad, so this scooter was made with a spare tire, just in case!


  • Vespa 125 Corsa “Alloy Frame” – Built with aluminum, made this scooter one of the most advanced of his time.
  • Vespa 125 – This one was special enough to be featured in the Piaggio Museum, hope one day I can go visit it!
  • Vespa Circuito 125 – Want to know why this one was featured in so many races?…because back them, racing was the best way to advertise!


  • Vespa Montlhery – This one had more of a sporty look


  • Vespa Siluro (Torpedo) – This scooter broke the biggest record up to this day with an average speed of 171.1km/h!
  • Vespa 125 – This beautiful model was popular in the cinema and in the movie “Roman Holiday”. If you haven’t seen in yet, its time!
  • Vespa 125 “Six Days” – This model won many gold medals and the trophy of the Italian Motorcycle Federation!


  • Vespa 125 U – Collectors were seeking this model since only 7,000 copies were produced.


  • Vespa 150 Side-Car – As in the name, yes this scooter had a side-car! How awesome!! It was great for long distances and making this model the most comfortable so far.Vespa
  • Vespa 150 GS – The most beautiful scooter ever produced in the world, a must see!


  • Vespa 150 – Celebrating 10 years after the first Vespa scooter!
  • Vespa 150 T.A.P. – The most awesome looking Vespa scooter since their creation. This one was for military use and only 600 were produced.


  • Vespa 400 – The first Vespa with 4 wheels! Looked like a tiny car.


  • Vespa 125 (VNA2) – Only produced in grey and beige, this scooter had two sheet metal halves!


  • Vespa 150 GS VS5 – Can you believe that 18,000 units of this model was built!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will share with you the Vespa scooters of the 60’s till the 80’s!